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Grayhound Ship Deck


The deck is 80m² and made of 100 planks of Opepe timber. It is an atmospheric and adaptable stage for your event or film. 

Look above you: 470 m2 of sails stretch across three masts that pierce the sky.

Beside you, traditional-style polyhemp ropes are neatly coiled, ready for action. 

Stand in front of the rear ‘mizzen’ mast and operate the long wooden tiller to steer the ship. 

You might lower a 4-person ‘gig’ and row to shore. 

Change the deck space if you need. Move the gigs, cover the hatches and cover the pilot-house. The deck will represent many eras for TV and film. 

View full specifications and floor plan.


The pilot-house is a shelter at deck level with windows that look out to sea. 

It is a stunning feature of Grayhound

The elegant window frames and graceful 18th century proportions take you back in time.  

Entertain someone special; watch a sunset with your colleagues; or film your hero against the backdrop of the endless sea. 

Main Saloon on Grayhound

Main Saloon

The main saloon is very spacious: 9m². You can sit 15 people around the large oak table. 

‘Put the world to rights’ over a delicious meal. Discuss plans, tell tales, sing… play fiddle!  

It is a great space for working and reading. 

For cargo shipments or expeditions the main saloon is the principal location for storing goods and equipment.

Galley (kitchen)

Plan your meals with our brilliant cook or your catering team.

In our large galley (6m²) we have a restaurant-grade oven and plenty of kitchen equipment. 

We sit 15 in the main saloon and 10 in the pilot-house: making a total of 25 places for a meal below deck. 

In good weather we eat on deck. In harbour we serve up to 30 people in the open air. Cloth awnings and wind-breaks create a sheltered and intimate eating area. When the wind drops we light candles.  

Berths on Grayhound Ship

Berths (beds) and Shower

We can accommodate up to 10 guests plus our crew of 5. 

For guests we have: 2 single berths, 6 single berths that convert into 3 doubles, and one double berth. We also have a sofa in the galley that converts into a bunk. Bedding is provided but not towels. 

We have one cold-water shower. It uses our freshwater supply so we restrict its use at sea. Besides, you will be surprised at how fresh you feel when sailing. Alternatively, take a seawater bucket-shower on deck. When we stop in a marina you have access to marina showers.

Heads (toilets)

We have two modern toilets below deck.

Cargo Storage

We carry up to 5 tonnes. 

Cargo is lowered via the cargo hatch. It is stored in the main saloon and elsewhere.  

On deck we have space for 2 x 300 litre barrels. 

All cargo is stored securely. 

Accessibility, moving around and footwear

If you have special accessibility requests of any kind please contact us and we will do our best to help. 

The heads (toilets) are not wheelchair-accessible.   

In general, agility is needed for moving around the ship, especially when sailing. 

At the rear of the deck the entrance to the pilot-house has five steps with a handrail. Within the pilot-house there is a small flight of stairs with three steps down into the galley. At the front of the deck is the forward hatch where a ladder with six steep steps leads to the forward cabin. (In the centre of the deck the cargo hatch has no steps.) 

You need to bring sturdy, flat-soled shoes for sailing. No open-toed shoes or sandals when sailing, please. You may wear fancy footwear for events in harbour but not high heels as they damage the deck.

Loading of cargo and large equipment

Cargo is lowered via the cargo hatch and stored in the main saloon and elsewhere. 

The cargo hatch is too small to lower pallets so we load and store by hand. We are highly efficient at this. Ratchet-straps are used when necessary.   

Large equipment is treated in a similar way. 

Specifications & Floor Plan.

Lugger Ship Grayhound

For private hire information or to join one of our scheduled voyages please visit our partners, Grayhound Ventures.

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