Sail Cargo

Ship your cargo with minimal impact on the environment

Complete your ethical supply chain with our unique sailing-ship. We carbon-offset for our minimal engine-use by donating at Atmosfair.

We have an area category 0 commercial licence to sail worldwide in all weathers. This is rare in the sail cargo industry. 

We carry up to 5 tonnes in the hold and have space for 2 x 300 litre barrels on deck. Harbour manoeuvres are easy with our engine. See example journey times below.

Our crew is highly experienced in cargo shipping. We work with respected agents, including TOWT

We are skilled at social media. We provide high-quality videos of loading, sailing, arrival and unloading to create a strong story for your product.  We also provide live journey details via the Captain’s blog.  

Grayhound is well known in the sail cargo sector. She is attractive and she creates a stir wherever she goes.  

Specifications summary

Destinations: Category '0' licence for worldwide travel
Cargo capacity: 5 tonnes below deck
Space for 2 x 300 litre barrels on deck
Loading: Cargo is lowered via the cargo hatch and stored in the main saloon and elsewhere. The cargo hatch is too small to lower pallets, so we load and store by hand. We are highly efficient at this. All cargo is stored securely.
Sailing speed: Maximum 12 knots (13 mph, 22 km/h)
Average 6 knots (7 mph, 11 km/h)
Engine speed: 5 knots (4 mph, 9 km/h)
View full specifications and floor plan

Example delivery times

Cross-Channel 2 days
Brest, France to Isles of Scilly 3 days
Brest, France to the Azores 4 days
Cross-Atlantic 22 days
Bergen, Norway to Greenland 25 days
Lisbon, Portugal to Bahamas 72 days

TOWT – Transport by sail

We work with TOWT, a shipping agency that uses the power of the wind to ensure a low-carbon footprint. The agency provides global opportunities for sail trade and innovation.

"Grayhound was one of the ships involved in this project from the very beginning. The key element of this project has been to combine historical traditions with modern progress: revive freight and maritime transport of organic and local products"
Guillaume Le Grand
CEO, TOWT Trans Oceanic Wind Transport Company
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