Expedition Hire

Travel for research with minimum impact on the environment

Hire us to sail you to any location worldwide. Grayhound is at home on the high seas. Like all ‘luggers’ she can navigate in and out of fjords, rivers and bays with ease. She is equipped with a back-up engine.

She is quiet. You will not distract marine or coastal life. You will be able to listen to your own thoughts and get to know your colleagues. 

She operates with a small crew, keeping your costs down. 

You will take part in deck watches. Traditional sailing relies on careful observation 24 hrs. Your senses will come alive. 

We have space for up to 5 tonnes of equipment below deck and we store sensitive equipment securely. We provide work stations with power points connected to a sound-insulated generator. 

Our satellite system provides Wi-Fi internet access and phone calls when needed.

Grayhound Sail Ship at Sea
Nowadays Greenland can easily be reached by air, but only a man in the devil of a hurry would wish to fly to his mountains.

H. W. Tilman, Mischief in Greenland

Specifications summary

Destinations: Category '0' licence for worldwide travel
Cargo/equipment storage: 5 tonnes maximum
Capacity at sea: 10 passengers and 5 crew
Sailing speed: Maximum 12 knots (13 mph, 22 km/h)
Average 6 knots (7 mph, 11 km/h)
Engine speed: 5 knots (4 mph, 9 km/h)
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