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Grayhound is a young ship built in 2012. She meets modern safety standards and is built to withstand all weathers.

Passenger Health and Safety

Footwear, clothing and bags

You need to bring sturdy, flat-soled shoes for sailing. No open-toed shoes or sandals when sailing, please. You may wear fancy footwear for events in harbour but not high heels as they damage the deck. 

If you are booked to sail with us please bring thermals and warm clothes, including coat, hat and gloves. 

If you bring a bag it needs to be soft so that we can store it away.

Wet-weather gear and life-jackets

If you sail with us we will provide you with wet-weather gear and a life-jacket. 


Smoking on deck in designated areas is at the discretion of the captain. We do not allow smoking below deck.


We allow alcohol at anchor or in harbour after sailing. We run a dry ship when sailing. If you wish to sell alcohol at your event you will need a temporary licence. 


Babies and children are allowed on board. We have life-jackets for all ages. 

Seasickness and illness

Seasickness while sailing is common for some. For most it goes away within 24 hours. If you have had trouble with seasickness before please ask your pharmacist for seasickness pills.    

Make sure you bring any other medication that you need, including inhalers (and spares). 

Please tell us before you book if you have a serious medical condition, and about your medication.  

We are prepared for

Accidents and Emergencies

First Aid

At any one time at least one of the crew is trained in first aid and will deal with illness or small injuries at sea.

Serious illness or accident

We have a top-of-the-range onboard satellite communication system to contact emergency services when needed. The system also enables GPS tracking. If necessary we will get you ashore and to a doctor as quickly as possible. 

Emergency training and life-rafts

Our crew will train you in safety drills and what to do in an emergency, including fire. Our crew members are trained in using the life-rafts. We maintain 3 high-tech life-rafts.

Our satellite communication system can issue SOS alerts.

Lugger Ship Grayhound

Private hire and scheduled voyages

For private hire information or to join one of our scheduled voyages please visit our partners, Grayhound Ventures.

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