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Host your event on our 18th century ship

Host your event on board a replica three-masted sailing-ship from 1776, made famous in Warner Brothers’ 2015 film In the Heart of the Sea.

The original Grayhound was built for chasing smugglers. Our Grayhound was built in 2012 for adventures, event hire, TV and film, and for sailing cargo worldwide.  

We sail into remote bays, picturesque harbours, fashionable hot-spots and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Grayhound has two firing cannon and six more gun ports. 

Our crew has extensive experience in event production. 

Create an unforgettable experience at sea or waterside.

Ship cannon Grayhound
All my senses seemed to be sharpened

Sir Francis Chichester, The Lonely Sea and the Sky

Corporate Entertainment

Step back in time for an unforgettable experience. 

Invite your guests for an unforgettable day-sail. 

As the land disappears your phone reception will vanish. Give your associates and friends your full attention. Step back in time, and breathe the fresh sea air. 

You might have a go at sailing tasks, chair an important meeting or take the time to reflect, away from everything.

Back in harbour, sit with our crew and share food, drink and tales of the sea. Where confidentiality matters, your conversations stay secret on board.

Ship crew adjusting sail of ship

Team-building Events

Discover leadership at sea, where the captain’s word is law.

Bring your team for a day-sail with a set of challenges. The sea breeze will focus you on the tasks ahead.

Operate as a crew: raise the anchor and sails and learn about ropes, knots and navigation. Volunteer to  climb the rigging. After the intense work cool off with a swim in the sea. 

Team-spirit and laughter will carry you through. You will see sides of your colleagues that you didn’t know existed. 

An unforgettable evening will follow, with champagne, rum, hot tea and tales from the sea.       

No sailing experience required.


We have delivered large-scale performances to over one million people in 16 countries

Grayhound sails to your waterside festival and graces your regatta or race.

Arriving in style we announce the opening or closing of your event by firing our two cannon. Grayhound is your flagship: a focal point for organisers and sponsors.

Branding & Sponsors

We dress Grayhound with banners and bunting, and can even commission specially designed sails.  At night we project logos or images onto the sails for dramatic effect.  The deck is perfect for functions and presentations for your sponsors.

Learning & Entertainment

We offer your visitors classes in navigation, ropes and knots, as well as tales from the high seas and sea shanty sing-alongs.

Our deck is the perfect stage for music and theatre: either intimately with the audience on board, or large scale with amplification and the audience on shore.

Our services include rigging and special effects, aerial artists, pyrotechnics and firework displays.

Next Festival

Come and see us at Temps Fetes, Douarnenez, France. 23-25 July 2022.

Sailing terms for wind direction

Bespoke Events

We love creativity

We understand that every event is unique.  Contact us to talk through your ideas. We will help you bring them to life. 

Private Hire Events & Scheduled Voyages

Are you a private individual or small group wanting to hire Grayhound? Let us host your wedding, a significant birthday, or even scatter your loved one’s ashes at sea. 

Perhaps you want to join one of our scheduled voyages? 

For all these private enquiries please visit our partners Grayhound Ventures.

Specifications summary

Destinations: Category '0' licence for worldwide travel
Length of deck: 64.2 ft (19.57 m)
Deck area: 861 sq ft (80 m2)
Capacity in harbour: 30 guests in total on deck.
Space below deck for 25 guests.
Dining: Maximum 3o guests eating on deck
Maximum 25 guests eating below deck
Capacity at sea: 10 passengers and 5 crew
Sail area (3-masted lug rig): 3500 sq ft (470 m2)
Sailing speed: Maximum 12 knots (13 mph, 22 km/h)
Average 6 knots (7 mph, 11 km/h)
Engine speed: 5 knots (4 mph, 9 km/h)
View full specifications and floor plan

In the Heart of the Sea

Grayhound features in Warner Brothers’ In the Heart of the Sea, a historical adventure-drama directed and produced by Ron Howard.  Walk the same boards as Chris Hemsworth, Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy and Tom Holland. 

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