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Eliaz Millet - Grayhound Shipping


Eliaz Millet

Eliaz Millet holds the following maritime training certificates:

  • Brevet de capitaine 500 (2015)
  • Diplôme de capitaine 500 (2015)
    Capitaine 200
  • Diplôme de capitaine 200
  • Brevet de capitaine 200 voile (2015)
  • Brevet de mécanicien 750 kW (2015)
    Diplôme de Mécanicien 750 KW
  • Certificat de mécanicien
  • Certificat général d’opérateur
  • Certificat restreint d’opérateur
    Brevet de chef de quart 500 (2015)
  • Permis de conduire les moteurs marins
  • Certificat de formation de base pour le service à bord de navires soumis au recueil IGF
  • Certificat de matelot de quart passerelle
  • Enseignement Médical de niveau II
  • Certificat de formation de base à la sécurité (STCW10)
  • Certificat de qualification avancée à la lutte contre l’incendie (STCW10)
  • Certificat d’aptitude à l’exploitation des embarcations et radeaux de sauvetage (STCW10)
  • Certificat d’aptitude aux fonctions d’agent de sûreté du navire
  • Matelot de quart à la passerelle
    Certificat de formation de base à la sécurité (STCW95)
Willie Christiani - Grayhound Shipping

Watch-leader and owner

Wille Christiani

Wille Christiani holds a Deck Officer VIII qualification and a STCW-Manila Certificate. He is an experienced sailor and has sailed all his life.

Wille runs the contemporary circus company, Burnt Out Punks – formerly Circus Arts AB.

Founded in 1999, Burnt Out Punks (BOP) has produced 18 shows in 16 countries for over a million people.

BOP has also delivered artists to thousands of festivals and corporate events.

In 2014 Wille and Oskar helped to devise the largest ever outdoor show in Greenland. They collaborated with the National Theatre of Greenland and with arts companies from Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Spain.

The result, Toqqortat, performed to 8,000 people in the capital, Nuuk.

For Toqqortat Wille organised all the rigging. His professional background as a circus rigger is extremely valuable on the ship.

Oskar Hejill - Grayhound Shipping

Deck-hand and owner

Oskar Hejll

Oskar Hejll has sailed for many years in the Baltic.

In 1999 he founded his production company, Kompani Bastard, which specialises in bringing the past to life.

Kompani Bastard has worked closely with Sweden’s National Heritage Board, Stockholm University and The Gotland Museum.

Oskar also performs and advises for TV and film.

In 2014 Oskar collaborated with Wille on the largest ever outdoor show in Greenland, Toqqortat. For the show Oskar designed and built a huge, fire-breathing whale.

Grayhound deck with 3 crew


Our highly experienced crew members work closely with the captain.  Many are veterans of Grayhound. They welcome guests warmly, ensure the smooth running of the ship, and deal with cargo consignments efficiently.

If you join us for a team-buiding event you will become a full member of the crew. Our crew members are international and everyone speaks English. 

We have an exceptionally good cook. There is often laughter onboard, and even singing: our current crew includes an accordion player and a violinist.   

Icebergs of all shapes and sizes, some like fortresses with sheer sides, others with pinnacled towers like glistening cathedrals, all floating serenely on the stillest of blue seas.

H. W. Tilman, Mischief in Greenland

Our Vision

To sail the world and bring benefit to coastal communities

We produce inspirational corporate and community events, support scientific and exploratory expeditions, sail cargo worldwide to facilitate coastal commerce, and welcome clients for adventures (see Grayhound Ventures).

We believe in a sustainable world in which we learn from the past, live well in the present and care for the future. Grayhound enables this and inspires a new way of travelling and carrying cargo.

Inspiring  Greenland

Our vision was born in Greenland. We co-created a show, Toqqortat in the capital, Nuuk, and performed it to 8000 people (see picture). There was great demand to deliver the show to communities along the Greenland coast. The only way to do this is by ship…

Before 2030 Grayhound will sail to Greenland and deliver the dream.

Find out more about our ship and how it was built.

Grayhound event
Lugger Ship Grayhound

For private hire information or to join one of our scheduled voyages please visit our partners, Grayhound Ventures.

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